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Thread: Gun Lube

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    Gun Lube

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    To answer your direct question: No, I hadn't seen the videos. Thank you for sharing. Last March, I bought my first SIG from a SIG "Master Dealer" (or whatever they call them). He explained to me that SIGs like to be lubricated, then he handed me a bottle of Militec and said simply to throw out all my other lubrication products. I've used Militec almost exclusively since then, and I've been very pleased with the results.

    Early in the summer, I bought a Kahr PM9 directly from Cylinder & Slide gunsmiths, who had performed their magic on it. It was thoroughly lubed with whatever they use. During my first range session, within the first 50-100 rounds, the lube coating the outside of the barrel simply went away. I assume it "cooked off". I had some Militec with me, put it on the barrel, and continued shooting. The Militec did not cook off, and the barrel still had Militec on it when I cleaned the gun that night.

    I freely admit I do not shoot in a harsh environment, nor do I subject my weapons to extensive use or abuse. But from where I sit, this Militec stuff looks like the real deal. I hope our troops "over there" get gallons of the stuff.

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    I've been using mil-tec for years and stated that on this forum when someone asked what's your favorite lubercant. It is also good for conditioning the outside of your firearm. Rub it on your slide and it soaks into the metal and leaving it looking good. I heard when I was in the Army mid-70's that clp save a lot of lifes in Veitnam. This may be true I don't know but the middle east is much different than the jungles of southeast asia. I don't believe much of what I hear because we have lieing polititions from both sides that would cover this up so not to look bad or make it up for others to look bad and with it being reported by our media who really knows? I hope they figure this out. Most of us have not been in combat but just try to feel what it would be like to have your weapon malfunction and stop working as the enemy is shooting at you and running towards you and you can't shoot back. Sure would like to hear from soom of our people over there to see if this is really the truth?

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    The Gun Lube that I have used exclusive for over two years and love it is Eezox.

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    My sons best friend is in the Army, a 50cal gunner on tanks, uses militec. They supply it free to military and I now use it, it is great.

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    I have been using Clenzoil recently. It works well.
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