Big price jump in some Texas stores

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      Big price jump in some Texas stores

      I went to Gander mtn today and was shock to see that all their revolvers jump 100 to 200 dollars. They told me all their guns are going up and had no reason. After I left and had time to think it slapped me in the face as to why. Last night I saw on the news that it will be legal for anyone who can buy a handgun to carry one under their seat in a car and you don't have to have a permit to carry. They stated it's another victory for the NRA.
      I will no longer buy anything from gander Mtn and their to expensive anyways and to take advantage because there are no other gun stores around here.
      The problem I have with this law is that the people who will go out and buy a revolver to carry with them in their car will have no training. They will start making mistakes and make us permit holders look bad. Sometimes the NRA I feel goes to far. If someone is concerned enough about their safety then let them get a permit and the training that goes along with it.

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      Price Jump

      Noiced a price jump for the HK P2000SK in minneapolis, no change in laws

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      Gander Mtn. is the most expensive place to buy pistols that I've ever seen. The same Kahr that the local gun shop wants $399 for is $539 at GM. Most of GM's used pistols are priced above what the local gunshops will charge for new ones.


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