Buying my first handgun.
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    Buying my first handgun.

    Yes, I did look for a similar thread, but i found nothing.

    I'm looking to purchase my first firearm for home defence.

    I have experience with the following
    G36(.45 ACP)
    HK USP (.40SW)
    Springfield XD (.45 ACP)

    Do you people suggest one of the weapons i'm familiar with? Or look to something new?

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    xOrsizm: Sir: you have a good list.
    Suggesting one over the other? not too good

    What I see in your query:
    1. 19mm twice
    2. .40 one time
    3. .45 two times

    Break this down again:
    1. 9mm Cheap to shoot not as Bulky
    2. .40 good medium between 9-.45; Bulky
    3. .45 more costly to shoot; Bulky

    Broken down again: and why
    1. Glock #1 most experience
    2. XD #2 good experiences
    3. HK #3 haven't ever been around one

    #1 recommendation: 9mm affordable: plenty of practice
    #2 recommendation: 9mm Glock 19 or G26

    Now we are done with my thought.

    YOUR Thoughts: MY view:

    "you have picked the Best:"

    Forget everything I've said::: Go to a GUN store::: place in your hands:

    Each of the ones on your list. Don't RUSH: Spend some time

    One will fill/fit better. That will be yours

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    Basically, when you shot them, which did you like the best?

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    My favorite is a really a tie between the XD and the 36. My step father owns the 36 and USP i'm familiar with. Money is honestly not my concern. I'm 21 and make too much of it... School really did pay off. What doesn't go toward bills is usually what i use to keep the misses happy.

    On the otherhand. My step father says I don't need a gun. Kind of weird coming from the man who owns guns, and put the first one in my hands at 16.

    One thing i'm focused on is... "Do i really need a .45 ACP to protect my home?"

    I live with my girlfriend of 5 years, and she's an easy scare. But we do live in south Florida. I'm also focused on not having a gun that a Little woman all of 5'1" and 102lbs won't have an issue with unloading a few rounds.

    There was a Sheriff murdered 2 weeks ago. It has 3 counties in a frenzy. My girlfriend is terrified because it was litterally 2 blocks from our home.
    I don't blame her, and this is the real reason i'm now concidering in this. Otherwise I would have baught it when I turned legal age of purchasing a gun.

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    Nothing wrong with your list. The only thing that separates them is personal preference.

    As for other suggestions: you might look at the S&W M&P line, and the CZ line as well. The CZ's are a proven design and are all metal, and the extra weight helps a bit with tolerating recoil. The extra weight is also not a concern for a home defense gun. The CZ's are high capacity, and often a bit cheaper than the others you mention.


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    If money's really not a concern, don't sweat it.

    Owning guns can become addictive. Just get the one you think you like best, wait a while, then buy the next gun you think you like best, knowing that gun will probably not be your last, either.

    When you go to the range to practic, you'll find that there is fun in variety.

    Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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    Given that money is not a major issue think very hard about purchasing some formal training for both you and your girl BEFORE you purchase the pistol. You might end up with a better understanding of what you want/need that way.

    When training is complete purchase one of each and have fun.

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