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    Thompson Center Encore

    Went back to the gun show to pick up a 44mag that I had my eye on and met this old guy, he looked older than dirt, about the Thompson Center Encore he was wearing. He said he had a grand into it and the two barrels were a custom 22-250 and a 308 win the leather holster with the Thompson stamp on it along with a 9 power Thompson scope and he wanted 400 for it. I know nothing about them and always wanted one but the price was to high for me. I knew it was a good deal so I looked for a table selling them asked the guy what he thought about the deal and he said get it. I found him and gave him the 400 for it. I thought something might be wrong with it but he looked and acted honest. I wish I was financially better off to give the guy more money for it. You could tell he needed the bucks and even though I got a great deal, I just wish I could have helped him out more. Took it to the range and found the 22-250 to be a tac driver. My son shot the 308 eight times and had to stop. I'm ordering a butt stock for it tonight. I plan on getting a 223, 454, 44mag and 357mag barrels for it. I'm really happy with it and my son loves the thing. He is going into the Army with in two week so I might just give it to him when he gets out of AIT.

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    I'd pay $400 for that gun all day. Great find!

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    Congratulations on your good buy, spacedoggy.

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    Good job Spacedoggy!! Those things are awesome. $400 is a GREAT buy for that firearm +all the accessories. I don't know how much you hunt, but that thing will flatten wild hogs all day long.

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    Very good buy there Mr.Spacedoggy. I am sure the old man had that much in it if not more. You paid his asking price so I wouldn't feel to bad about it. Them guys behind the tables where probably telling the old man they might give him $300 tops. Good luck with it and let us know how your son likes it.

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    i love the gun but the 308 barrell is too much on the wrist so we bought a rifle stock but the 22-250 is a tack driver all around great gun

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