Hello. This is my first post here and I hope this is in the right place. I have a FEG PA-63 9mm Mak that is giving me issues. A while back, I replaced the recoil spring and hammer spring with wolf springs for both using the heaviest in the multi-pack for both (which should have both been lighter than the factory springs). After that....BAM! Nothing has worked right since. I can fire double action and the hammer remains rearward afterward however the trigger pull would drop the hammer but not fire the round, like it was decocking. I tried this with different ammo and never found a dent on the primer of the round. I returned the original parts to the gun, took the gun to a local gunsmith and he "polished off a burr and cleaned it"...I fired about 8-10 rounds fine and then back to the same misfiring pattern. So I cleaned it, put in the safe and let it sit.

I took it to another gunsmith last November and 3 months later (last Friday). He said it was only dirty (which it was not) and that it fired fine. It would not even decock in his shop though and he said he didn't think it should decock, which I disputed. He wanted to keep it a while longer. I should have vetted him prior but didn't. I took my gun, paid $52 for nothing, and left. He had never worked on "that type" of handgun before.

I've taken it apart at the frame, removed and returned the hammer, hammer bar and spring. Everything in the frame appears to be working as it should although initially, I swear the hammer bar was in sideways from the gunsmith...that's what it looked like anyway.

All the springs appear in place. I have not removed the safety from the slide to check it for defects. With the safety off I can fire it single or double action (dry firing at this point). But it's still not decocking correctly I don't think. The trigger does not reset forward on decock but does when the safety is thumbed to off.

With the hammer cocked, if I depress the safety to decock, it will drop the hammer however the trigger does not spring forward immediately.

When I move the safety back up into the off position, I feel a little resistance or grinding about halfway through the arc to take it off safety. At that point, the trigger springs forward.

Any suggestions from people who have worked on them?