My new(ish) addition
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    My new(ish) addition

    Gots me an HK USPc in 40 cal about a week ago. It's a fun little pistol. Took it to the range and put 200 through it. Grouping was low and left at first but I just had to adjust my grip a little and it was pretty much on spot. I'd say ~ .5-1" left from 20'. A little more practice is necessary.

    It was hot in the range so my hand was getting sweaty a little, so I got some Hogue Jr grips (which were a b*tch to put on). They actually ripped in the front but luckily, it was right up the middle and only about 1/4" so it created a symmetrical arch... actually looks like it was designed like that. Not sure if you can tell from the pic.

    It'll fit right at home with the others...

    Anyway, thanks to those who replied to my two threads:

    Looking into getting a 40 compact

    What grips will fit on a USPc?

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    Nice lookin' gun!

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    Very good looking pistol you have there. Good luck with it.

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    I love the looks of those HK's compacts. What's nice about your new pistol is the FACT that it will work each and every time you pull that trigger. That has to be a great feeling. Enjoy

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