Sarsilmaz Hancer 9MM
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    Question Sarsilmaz Hancer 9MM

    has anyone had personel experince w/a gun called Sarsilmaz Hancer in 9mm i saw one at academy for 399.00 they are from Turky.if you have shot one please tell me what you thought of it.


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    Same gun as the new Armalite 9mm. It shoots just like a CZ75 since it's a carbon copy.

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    We've discussed this gun a couple times recently:

    New Academy brand pistol


    My general feeling is, for about the same price you can get a CZ75B, which is the real thing - not a copy - and is a known quantity in terms of quality and durability. Not really sure what the "Made in Turkey" gun brings to the table besides an unpronounceable name.
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