My favorite pair
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    My favorite pair

    Got some work done to the cx and bought a px to keep it company. When my son Chase pictured below handed me the CX with the new barrel Shroud I thought it was to heavy until I shot it. I don't have the weight on it yet but it makes shooting it the best because it will let you line up for the next shot in less than a second. You can shoot the steel plate just as fast if not faster than a pistol. I can't tell you how happy I am with it. My son Chase knew it to be my favorite one to shoot so he took the wifes credit card and went to some machine shop and showed them his plan and measurements. He had them double check his work in case he was off then it would be their problem. I might not have him duracoat it black. What do you all think?

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    Looking goog there Mr.Spacedoggy. I would let the young man go ahead and duracoat it. That is one fine looking package you have there. Good luck with it.

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