ammo experts make my day!
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    ammo experts make my day!

    can someone please list all the caliber for pistols & revolvers seperately, and list them in order from cheapest to expensive? I just realize that my .380acp is costing me too much to shoot and yes i am poor. I want a revolver just to try something different and i'm guessing .22? but im not sure i am a newbie

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    It would be almost impossible to list ALL the calibers for handguns. Since you're interested in economy, I'll try to list the common calibers in general order of expense. You may find sales, bulk purchases, or varying market conditions change this.


    .38 Special
    .357 Magnum
    Large bores (.41/.44/.45)



    This was pretty much how it stood when I deployed, at least in AZ. Market conditions may have since changed. If you want to shoot cheaply, get a .22LR. If you want to shoot the least expensive centerfire, get a 9mm auto or a .38/.357 revolver (a .357 will shoot .38s).
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    Mike has it pretty well wrapped up in his post. For more specific info, try an on-line distributer. I like Midway. They also give balistics and other info for most of the ammo they sell.
    Click here:
    You'll notice that prices also vary greatly by ammo type even within the same brand and caliber.

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