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    pistol enhancements. Triggers, slides, barrels, etc

    Outside of the 1911 I already have a good fix on those. I'm looking at one of the polymer frame pistols that offers the possibilities to improve the triggers, slides, barrels ETC.

    The models I'm looking at are Springfield XD, Beretta PX4, Walther P99.

    Please share your experience..?


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    In polymer guns, you will find far, far more accessories for Glocks than anything else, because of its longevity and tremendous popularity. The XD is probably second.

    Tinkering with range toys is one thing, but I am of the opinion that defense guns should generally be left as close to stock as possible. As Cooper said, "Sights you can see, a trigger you can use, and a dehorning job."

    So endeth the unrequested sermon.
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    Thanks Mike. I choose these 3 as I prefer the feel and fit. I have the XD listed first as this is the only one of the 3 I have shot. I didnt think I was going to even consider one of these as I have always shot and owned 1911's. After shooting the XD, I started considering the polymer frames. I was very impressed with the XD for the accuracy. Even with the creepy trigger after a few shots, it didnt seem to bother me.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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