I Think That If I Were To Buy More "Toys"---

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      I Think That If I Were To Buy More "Toys"---

      ---They would be HK P7's. I really enjoy the "modern day" SIG 239, the HK2000, the P99AS, the PPK/S-1, and the" sentimental journey" Colt .25,-----------but-----------the P7PSP is a joy to behold. Damn !! What a nice piece of engineering, craftmanship and practical utility in a firearm. And, get this: It's easy to clean and to ready for the next expression at the range or the next CCW day of life.

      I am now preparing for CCW to include the P7 (need a holster). Well, others, plan for retirement.

      I wil continue to enjoy the 'others' but I will expect perfection from the P7.

      What a pleasure for an old man (me) to discover what was, to be what is.

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      i am intrigued by them but they are outside of my price limit at the time (baby coming in september). i wish i knew somebody around here that has one, i haven't even held one yet. some day................

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      I'm now in need of a P7 holster as well. Let me know what you come up with. Right now I have my sights set on a Crossbreed IWB.

      As for "perfection" -- I can't tell for certain if you already have a P7 or just planning to get one, but I can tell you from my one day of experience with them (yesterday), that they are really interesting to shoot but they do heat up quickly. If you plan on shooting more than a few mags at a time, plan on taking another pistol or two with you to the range. You will need something else to shoot while you are waiting for the P7 to cool down.


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      I love the P7. It's actually the outrageous price of spare magazines that keeps me from buying one to carry.

      Well, that and my extreme laziness when it comes to cleaning guns. I clean my Glocks every couple thousand rounds, and you just can't get away with that with a P7.
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      Every pistol shooter should have at least one of the P7 series.

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      Yeah, at least one. But, I just might get another-----one to use and one to cool. And maybe another to-------

      Damn, I need help.

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      I got my first chance to hold on at the last gun show I attended. What a fine piece of craftmanship.
      The price is a little high for me right now, but my biggest problem is the price of spare mags and the availability of aftermarket items.
      I was thinking of selling my "Black rifle" and getting one but I can't find a holster for a lefty.
      Great carry option. IMHO! ENJOY!

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