Would a Squib cylcle a slide?

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      Would a Squib cylcle a slide?

      I was wondering if you were shooting and encountered a squib, would it still cycle the slide? I always see pictures of revolvers after a KABOOM, but I have yet to see an auto loader; except for ones that blew up after a setback bullet.

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      The only squib I have ever had was with a reloaded .45ACP (yes, my own handiwork!). Primer only. The slide never even moved.

      I pounded the 200 gr SWC out with a dowel and went back to the match.
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      On a blowback operated mech. it will, on recoil operated mech. it shouldnt be able to.....
      I had(my son really) had a squib on his .380 and almost fired another but I got to him fast enough to stop him(no dust or target hit worried me)

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      I've had two squib loads in the past several months. One was a Hornady .32 auto in a Seecamp. The second was a 9mm Monarch in a Glock 26. Neither cycled the slide.

      The Monarch was powerful enough to push the bullet out the barrel. The Hornady bullet lodged in the barrel just slightly ahead of the chamber.


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      That's good to know! I was concerned when praticing rapid fire I might pull the trigger after I shot a squib. Thanks!

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