View Poll Results: Which would be more reliable for a weekend shooter

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  • Glock 19 or 17 9mm

    91 65.94%
  • Ruger P95 pmm

    31 22.46%
  • Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm

    16 11.59%
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    I don't own a Glock and WON'T own one, but they are reliable guns as are Rugers and Berettas. But, for just weekend shooting you can get an extremely reliable gun for much less money. For example, Taurus, Smith & Wesson Sigma, Bersa, Witness (Tanfoglio), and several others, including High Point(reliable if you keep them clean, accurate, cheap, but BUTT UGLY). Don't get caught up in "Name Brand" maddness

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    It all depends on what feels good to you. I have both Glocks and Rugers and can't say one is any more reliable than the other, as I've NEVER had a problem with any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham View Post
    Cute test. I'm a Glock carrier myself, but the OP asked about a reliable gun for once-a-week shooting. I question whether those tests, while dramatic, are remotely relevant to any kind of real-world pistol use. I am in a combat zone and our weapons aren't subjected to anything like that kind of abuse.

    I guess we should all drive M1 Abrams tanks to work instead of Fords and Hondas.
    yeah that test is BS. Nobody treats their gun that way. They'd all function relatively find for most users.

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    They will all serve that purpose and It may just boil down to personal preferance.
    But,outa the three...I would get a Glock.It will hold it's value in the long run.

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    I owned a Glock, never a problem and I loved it. Then I got an HK P30 and sold my Glock. I would use a Glock if I had to and wouldn't feel terribly bad or undergunned.

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    i'm in the same boat you are in now... I am looking at getting a handgun myself that i can shoot every so often, gaining a respectable level of proficiency that will not break the bank..

    that said i limited myself to a 9mm platform because of the obvious ammunition costs involved for the bigger caliber type..

    like you, i have shortlisted the glock (model 34) and the beretta (92fs) though i went for the longer barrel which i find easier to point, aim and shoot...

    between these two i will most likely get a glock as i find its track record for reliability and ruggedness more to my liking...

    word for the wise though (quoted from an oldtimer at the range i frequent) ~~~: Every gun at the price level we are looking at will shoot nicely and the shooter will always adjust to whatever gun you are shooting...and always take another shooters opinion with a grain of salt!

    the critical and important thing is to find a handgun you have shot and feel comfortable handling !

    that being said...good luck with your new pistol!

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    imho I think the glock 17 is the most accurate and durable gun mentioned above. However I carry a Ruger SR9 because of the manual safety and smaller grip. I love the reversible grip and the gun is narrower.

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    I like striker fired pistols, so for that reason I'd take the Glock. Why such a small limit of only 3 guns? There's a lot of quality mid-range priced guns out there ($500). Ruger SR9, Springfield XD, S & W M&P, Kahr, etc.

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    I have a old glock that has been used and abused never had a problem.

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    As much as I detest Glocks, I had no choice but to vote for them. Kind of like John McCain. Make mine SIG!

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    D, None of the Above.

    There are way too many other pistols that would easily meet the weekend requirement. And I just can't vote for a gun that I wont carry as the case of the ones listed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doncameron View Post
    Never handled any of those, sorry.
    My vote would be a CZ or clone like the EAA witness.
    Multi calibers, one frame.

    I love my CZ.

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    I almost voted for the Glock, because I have no experience with Rugers, and very little with the Beretta. But I cannot say which is best. Ask yourself 2 or 3 questions.

    1) Which gun fits my hand the best?

    2) Which gun is the easiest to shoot accurately?

    3) (Optional) Which gun is easiest to carry concealed?

    I once had a choice of SIG-Sauer, Glock, or Beretta 9mm pistols. I asked myself the above questions, weighed the answers appropriately, and chose the SIG-Sauer P228. But the answer is different for everyone, because everyone is different. Try them all, and make a decision.

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