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    Beretta CX 4

    I'm posting this one here because it can be considered a pistol. This is a blast to shoot at the range because it can be considered as a pistol due to the round it shoots S&W40 I'm able to shoot the steel plates and much more. It's very accurate up to 50 yards but at 100 I had a group to large to measure. It was probably me that day and plan on bench resting it next time. This is the rifle I would want if I had to clear a house or small building because of it's size. I will be getting a barrel shroud for it and plan to have a custom one made. They are coming out with a 20 round magazine for it and I'm only able to use a 11 round mag for it now unless someone knows different. Almost for got the sights fold down both rear and front. The rear has a short range and long range sight. If you get a chance to fire one of these do it, I'll beat you will own one within a month.

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