HAH! Caught the lil' bugger!

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      Cool HAH! Caught the lil' bugger!

      Recently I posted about how I had developed a gremlin/flinch during my last session at the range.

      Well, I'm glad to say that SOB is GONE GONE GONE. Good riddance and go bother some other gunnies shot groups.

      100 rounds today and I'm back to the old game. I did find that I need to go see the optometrist (again). I discovered a focus problem with my left eye (non dominant) which interfers with my off hand marksmanship for some reason. I think I need to tint my left lens dark(er) to help the focus by my right eye. I'm going to discuss this with the doc when I make an appt.

      As of now, I'm totally stoked. BTW the actual problem was my grip on the weapon. I had changed my hand position slightly for some reason. (For comfort I think because of a slightly sore thumb joint from a bang on the hand at work.) I returned to seating the butt deep into the web of my hand and my groups returned to POA and were/are within 3" or smaller. My target looks like somebody who knows how to shoot used it for target practice.

      Sorry, I feel so good I just had to shout about it.

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      No problem I would want to shout too. Glad you got it all figured out. Good shooting.

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      Good to hear you solved your problem. Now, on to the next problem....

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