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    Is this normal? (Primer Indentations)

    I was cleaning up my brass and noticed that the primers had some strange indentations on them. I was shooting an XD 45 compact using CCI blazer brass ammo. The gun probably only has about 350 rounds through it. I am not sure if this is a normal indentation or not. I have never really paid much attention to the primers before, I usually just sweep the brass up and dump it in the bucket at the range.

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    You got one powerful hammer spring or some awful soft primers. Does it do the same thing to Winchester or any other ammo? If it does I would have a gunsmith check it out. If it doesn't then I would quit using that brand of ammo. Good luck.

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    That's pretty common. The firing pin is remaining in contact with the primer while the barrel is unlocking, hence the funny little "drag" mark. I believe this is sometimes from semi-hot ammo, sometimes from a weakish firing pin spring.
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