Help! What to buy?
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    Help! What to buy?

    I need help. I want to buy a 9mm (all my pistols are currently either .22 or .40 S&W). The question is which one? I own a Glock and one of those is enough. Right now, it seems to be between a SIG 229 and a Browning High Power. Any thoughts?


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    I have a Sig 229 in 40 cal and very much like the feel and action of the gun and their reputation for quality seems unsurpassed. If you go to the Sig forum on this site you will see i have a accuracy issue with the gun. It is currently at the gunsmith being looked over. I am a new shooter so it could be just my expectations of the accuracy of a compact with a 3 inch barrel. I am currently looking at a Sig 226 in a 9mm. This would hopefully allow me to improve my accuracy with the 229 as well seeing as how both guns are very similar in terms of weight feel and trigger pull. Not to mention the 9mm is cheaper at the range than the 40 S&W

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    Don't rule out the CZ 75B. It really impressed me.

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    If I had to choose between those two guns, I'd have to look at my use for the gun. If it was a defense/carry gun, I'd buy the SIG and work extra hard on mastering the crunchenticker trigger action. If it was a range/fun gun, I'd get the Browning and not look back.
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    I am with Revolver on this one, don't over look the CZ75B as it is one fine pistol for the money. Good luck.

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    There are many owners of 9mm pistols out there and they will all swear theirs is the straightest shootin'/best deal on the planet. The best piece of advice I can offer is choose the one that fits your hand the best. You'll be most comfortable with that one, and probably the most accurate as well.

    In 9mm, I have a CZ-75BD, an FN Hi-Power, and a Beretta 92FS; they are all great pistols. The CZ probably can be had today for the best price of those three. I'd like a Sig, but I haven't been able to save up enough dough before I spy something else I'd like just as much. If I could only keep one of the handguns I currently one, the Hi-Power probably is the one. Although, the Beretta is set up for my 9mm suppressor, so ...

    I've looked at the FN and Springfield pistols, but they just felt a little too large for my hand. I don't care for polymer frame handguns in general, because I just can't get over the feeling that they're going to squirt out of my hand. That's just me.

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    1) Sig

    2) Walther

    3) XD

    4) M&P

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