Handgun on a commercial flight...

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      Handgun on a commercial flight...

      Im about to buy my first handgun and I will be travelling from San Diego to Spokane, WA this summer. I would like to take my new gun with me to go plinking w/ my brother and some friends while on vacation. Im just not sure what I need to do to have a handgun with my checked bag. Im also not sure what the laws are in California and Washington about how it must be packed and what other protocol must be followed.

      Sorry if this is not the right place to post this and thanks in advance for any info.

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      Start by checking the web site of the airline you will use - then call the California Attorney General (and the AGs of any state through which you will travel) and request an authoritative opinion of the laws regarding your transport of the firearm; how you will have to package it, carry it, secure it, and so on. Take copies of any such correspondence with you.

      Secondary sources would be handgunlaw.us (fairly current and active) and packing.org (not very current these days).

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