xd 45acp or glock 30??
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    xd 45acp or glock 30??

    I’m about to purchase my first handgun and I am in debate over which gun to buy, the xd 45acp or the glock 30. Any advice…?

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    Never shot a Glock so I can't say good or bad about them but I have shot the XD-.45 and it's a shooter for sure. It looks like a brick when you pick it up and it looks like a lanch off a aircraft carrier when looking down the sights. Man it is accurate and seems to shoot forever. I like them real well. Good luck.

    Best, Baldy..

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    Ive heard that the last two or three IPSC champs have used XD's (XD40)....I might be going in that direction too for my first purchase unless I decide to blow all my cash on a 1911....

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    I gave up my G21 for the XD.45 5" tactical mostly because of comfort of fit and because of that accuracy. The choice is very user preferential which ever one fits best you will be the best choice. Try them both out.

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    While it pains me to say it, given the choice between these two specific guns, I would get the XD. The 30's grip is huge and awkward, unless you have very big hands. The XD's is much more reasonably sized, though as noted the slide is gargantuan.

    Personally, though, I have no need for a double-stack .45 and would get a Glock 36!
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    I think that S&W "M&P .45" has been released now. You may want to add that to your choices as well.

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    I have both, My XD45 is the compact. The G30 has a slight edge in concealibility due to it's shorter grip and lower slide. The ergonomics of the XD are amazing while the G30 is a little chunky and has a longer trigger reach. It really comes down to what you want out of the gun. As far as accuracy both are very, very good.

    Here's a comparison:



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    katana8869 said it well. You also get the rail on the XD for lights and stuff. I had both, sold my 30 but still have my XD, so my pick is the XD. The 30 was a great gun but start to hurt my hand while shooting.h

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