The best pocket pistol
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    Question The best pocket pistol

    I am wanting to purchase a pocket pistol and have heard of many good ones. Unfortunately, I must only choose one for now. Can anyone tell me what they beleive to be the best pocket pistol out there right now? I definately want either a .380 or 9mm caliber. As it stands right now I am leaning more towards the Kahr KP9 9mm. I will also be using the gun for ankle concealment as well, if that makes a difference. Any help would be great. Oh yeah, money is no object, I just want the best small gun available.


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    For pocket and ankle carry, the Kahr PM9 is a fine choice. If you want to go smaller and lighter, the KelTec P3AT (.380) is an excellent little pistol, low price notwithstanding.

    Hell, many times I've carried a Glock 26 in the pocket of cargo shorts and been completely satisfied.
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    The Kahr is a good gun from what I hear and read. I carry a KT-3AT all the time in my front pocket. I can tell you that you don't even know its there after a few mintues. Mine has worked flawless after about 150rds where run through it and I found the ammo that has worked the best. It was Winchester White Box and Magtec Gold. Good luck on your choice.

    Best Baldy..

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    Check out this thread it may be helpful:
    P9 compared to PM9

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