High noon holster.. ever used one?

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      Question High noon holster.. ever used one?

      Has anyone ever used or know of someone who has used a



      for any kind of pistol (especially a XD Subcompact)

      What do you think of them? pictures? pros/cons?

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      I actually just ordered one for my PPK a few weeks ago. All I heard were good things about it. The only bad thing is the wait time. They say 12-15 weeks.

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      They sure do list a bunch of different pistols and revolvers that are suppose to work with it. I would say if you use a good gun belt with it you might be OK. The one size fits all holster very rarely lives up to what works the best. Quality leather works best for me. I have went through a bunch of holsters over the years and wasted a lot of money on them. Don't forget a good belt is a must for comfort. Flea market cowboy belts don't work worth a hoot. Good luck.

      Best Baldy..

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      I have used the Hidden Alley for a few different guns and still have one for my Sigma. The Hidden Alley is the vertical (no forward cant) version of the Split Decision. They really work well but I don't know if I would use it for daily carry, the leather is very thin but is that way for a reason, for less bulk when tucked in. I would go with the Hidden Alley because it does not have the forward cant. The forward cant puts stress on the joint where the clip flap, meets the main body of the holster and the holster my not hold up for a long life. Which ever you go with, High Noon makes IMHO the best tuckable holsters.

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