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    Just ordered

    It's going to be a long wait but should have them buy the end of the week.

    From CDNN I got the Taraus 12" 17HMR Hunter with rings and mounts and the FN USG 5.7X28. You get 3 20rd mags and they gave me a free 10 rd extener and lazer.

    Then I called up good old buds and order the Ruger mini14/ranc .223 wood and stainless. Only plain on using the iron sights.

    A couple of weeks age I made a thread about finding the perfect carry gun. That was the para LDA 3" 45acp Carry. My oldest son was in town during his birthday. I got a call that it was in and we made a mad dash to pick it up. We then went to the range and all I could say is WOW. The I gave it to him and it was a bigger WOW. We each put 100 rds through it. I started to think what a great gift for him and maybe I should get the Walther P99C 9mm AS (dam you ship). There were five rounds left and we looked at each other and I said I think the owner should shoot the last 5 and he said the b-day boy should. I said have fun you qualify for both. He load the clip aim it at his target and he turned his head at me and ask what did you mean I qualify for both and I said happy b-day. He didn't even hie paper on his last 5 because he was so excited. That look was the best ever.
    I have the P99 on back order and then I'll get the para, it's awsome.

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    Now you've got to locate some good magazines for that Ruger which is trickier than it sounds.

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