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    Smile Which pistol would you buy???

    I am planning to buy a pistol for CCW and target shooting. I can get 9mm and 40S&W ammo very inexpensive. Which of these 5 would you buy and WHY???

    Glock G23
    Kel-Tec P11
    Browning Pro 9
    Beretta Px4 Storm
    Beretta 96

    Please disregard any difference in price.

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    I can't answer. I carry a Ruger P97 for CCW.

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    Out of ONLY the ones U listed - I'd discount the Keltec - The Keltec is a decent back up gun, although they are still working out the bugs from their newest 9mm pistol (I do own a Keltec 32). But, it's not in the same league as the other guns you listed - so take that one out.

    And, once again - sticking ONLY to your list -

    I'd pick the Browning Pro 9 1st. I have dry fired the Browning Pro 9 and FNP9 (basically the same gun) - It has the best DA trigger I have ever seen on a DA/SA gun with an external hammer. U also get the replaceable backstraps. And, while the FNP version comes with 3 mags (I believe the Browning only comes with 2), the Browning version can be kept cocked and locked, from what I have read.

    I'd pick that one over the others.

    Not a fan of the PX4 in 9mm. - It is "okay," but nothing fantastic in 9mm. In 40 cal, it does a great job in taming the extra recoil. The mag I put thru once had me double checking the gun after the 1st shot - it felt almost like a 9mm. IF I was to buy a 40 cal gun (I am not a fan of the 40 cal - I prefer 9mm) - this would be the one.

    Glocks are Glocks. Great, reliable guns. But the triggers suck. Sorry U Glock fans.

    Still think U should buy a 9mm P99 with the A/S trigger :P

    But of the ones you listed - get the Browning in 9mm And, get the one with the stainless slide. I love that 2 tone look

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    Out of only the ones you listed, for CCW I would go with the Glock23. Not a G-man myself but that gun was designed for CCW. The others are kind of big yet not too big for ccw, ( I have carried a Beretta 92 at times). Personally I put Kel-Tec in that (only if I must DEEP conceal) kind of gun. They are great for that though.

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    I am with Ship on this one as I would get the Browning Pro 9. It will last a life time and then some. Good luck.

    Best Baldy..

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    Of the choices you listed, the Glock. It is shorter and slimmer than the others (except for the Kel-Tec) which makes it a little better for CCW, yet still has the accuracy for target shooting (which the Kel-Tec doesn't).

    If you're open to suggestions for other pistols, check out the Smith & Wesson M&P.

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    Another vote for the Glock. I find most people who complain about the Glock trigger don't know how to reset it. Sorry Ship!
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    I think the Glock is the best bet for CCW and the Beretta for range/target work.

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    I agree, out of those listed I'd probably go with the Glock, even though I don't own one. I do own a Beretta 96 and can tell you it's a GREAT gun, but a bit too big for CCW.

    Like the others said, are you open to other suggestions? There are a lot more great guns out there that would fit the bill nicely.

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    I've owned a 96, and thought it a great gun.

    I am a fan of the rotating barrel, having spent much time with a .40 Cougar.

    I think I'd opt for the PX4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham at Galco View Post
    Another vote for the Glock. I find most people who complain about the Glock trigger don't know how to reset it. Sorry Ship!
    Or maybe they don't like that spongy feel. Or maybe they don't like having to use a manual safety to fire every round or the plastic trigger.

    I'd change the Beretta 96 to a 92. I also recommend any of S&W's DA automatics, Ruger's P-series, and CZ's excellent line of pistols.

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    Another vote for G23. It's my winter carry gun.

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    Gotta go Glock. Learn to reset the trigger. great gun.
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