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    Best places to buy online...please help

    Hey guys,

    I am creeping closer and closer to my first handgun purchase. From all that I read on the forum I am deciding between an XD45, SW40VE, or an M&P40. Only problem is, all of the local shops in honolulu have prices that are far higher than what I see on some websites (like

    To all in the know...where is the cheepest place to purchase a handgun online?

    thanks for the help,

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    Well, as you know, shipping for you is going to be high - any savings you get on-line is going to be offset.

    Buds is a sponsor here - many people have had good luck with them. I've had good luck with Impact Guns.

    But another option is the classifieds right here. Buy from someone with a long history here, who gets good post-sale reviews, and you should get a pretty good deal.

    It wasn't on this board, but I bought one of my favorite carry guns from a board member - it was the right price, right gun and things went smoothly.

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    Buds is a good place. They deal on the up and up.

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    Check around and see who will do the transfer for you and how much they will charge to do so. It may end up cheaper to buy from a dealer than subject yourself to the additional fees and shipping.

    Also, once you have a price for the gun you want, take to a dealer (one you know, preferably) and try to negotiate a better price. Sometimes it works.

    Good luck!

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    I have found buds much cheaper than most. The FFL dealers in your area that are on file with buds usually charge 25 to 30 bucks for transfer.
    I don't know the cost of overnight to Honolulu. I save anywhere from 150 to 200 bucks going through buds. Check and download the CDNN catalog. They have some good deals also and you can use one of the FFL dealers on the list.

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    Ordnance Outsellers -
    SCP Firearms -

    are two sites with good prices and excellent service.

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    I've bought two guns from, and they have been excellent to work with, as well as have good prices.

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