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    breaking in new gun

    Are guns like cars? Don't drive them over a certain speed until a certain mileage? I was once told to clean it when you bring it home to get all the extra factory goop off, which I assume couldn't hurt at all.
    Should I limit the amount of rounds I put thru it the first time or two I take it out?

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    You may get 20 different answers but this is what I do. I take a new gun home and clean it the same way I clean all of my handguns and take it to the range and put 500 to 1000 rounds the first time I shoot it. Take it home and clean it again. It should not hurt any new gun to put all the rounds through it you want the first time or two you shoot it. I know some guys that shoot several thousand rounds without cleaning a new gun just to see how many rounds you can put through it before it malfunctions from being dirty.

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    I clean my guns before I shoot them the first time; it gives me a chance to familiarize myself with the manual of arms and double-check for proper operation. I also clean them when I return from the range, if not immediately, then soon after. That way, I know each one is ready.

    I also (try to) bring each one out twice a year and at least wipe them down with a lubricated cloth or wipe. That gives me a chance to see if anything is loose, remind myself that I wanted a new scope, etc.

    I've never worried about limiting the number of rounds I initially shoot. When I go to the range, I take at least 200 rounds for each gun I bring (even .308), more if I bring the machine gun. Don't want to run out of ammo too quickly! I don't think I've ever heard any concern about that before, and I don't think I'd want a gun that I had to worry about "shooting too much", except for full house loads in a S&W Model 19!

    Some people say they won't carry a pistol until they've put X number of rounds through it to make sure it's going to work. Since I can't carry concealed here, I haven't worried about that.

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    I take about 100rds for every gun I am going to shoot. As I don't get there as often anymore I may take 4 or 5 different guns. If I take two of the same caliber I take 200rds. Four or five hundred rounds in one range trip makes a good day. If I was taking a new gun and it only I would take 200rds at least. I always clean my new guns. I clean all guns after use.

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    I bring it home clean and inspect it. When I take it out to shoot the first time I take 300-500 rounds, FMJ,HJHP,HP,SP,SWC,WC, to find out what she likes and don't like if I need adjustments made. After that take her home and give her a good cleaning and re-inspect closely.

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    Since November of '06, I've reached 2,000+ rounds out of my Glock model 35.

    It feels good to be broken in....but the newness will be missed.

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