Single-Shot Dueling Pistols

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      Smile Single-Shot Dueling Pistols

      I know that almost all single-shot pistols are used for hunting and target shooting. But in the past duels were sometimes fought with Single-Shot muzzle loading pistols.

      But I think it would just be cool to have two custom made breech loading single-shot pistols for historical purposes.

      What are some of the best quality made single-shot breech loading pistols out there?

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      I'm not much of an authority on black powder pistols, however I think that you can get a pair of Hawken reproductions from Cabela's.

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      When I think quality breech-loading single-shot pistols I think of Thompson Center's Encore pistols.

      They're not blackpowder or historical though.

      For blackpowder firearms I'd look at:

      More specifically:

      You could get two of the Harper's Ferry Pistol Reproductions. Combine them and you have the MP Corps Insignia.
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      Cartridge Duellers

      For an "Old Fashioned" look, try Uberti's Remington Rolling Block reproductions, if you can use .22 rf. I think these were made, or another maker, in .357 Magnum. You could probably locate a pair from somebody like Dixie Gun Works.

      And, of course, the Thompson Contender, as has been mentioned.

      Bob Wright

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