Fictional Hangun from the Anime "Hellsing"

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      Fictional Hangun from the Anime "Hellsing"

      I don't know if this is the correct place to post this topic. But, just out of curiousity this semi-automatic handgun is to supposively be 390mm in total length and in the anime Alucard says it fires 13mm (but actualy its fires .454 casull rounds) armor piercing bullets.

      Is this handgun a heavily modified Colt 1911 A1?

      I'm also curious to hear anyone's comment/opinion on the handgun because even though its very impractical to wield, I think it looks pretty cool!

      Its easier to just click on the link to look at the model of the handgun.
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      It would take a .454 to move the slide.

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      I just have one thing to say ........

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      It sort of does look like a chopped up 1911. The back strap and frame looks like it. Until you get to the trigger guard then its like they started cutting away. Which is weird because it looks like the frame is way to short and would crack something fierce with that kind of hard ware.

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      It seems to be inspired by the Coonan.

      It's along the lines of a gas-operated pistol(Coonan, Wildley, Desert Eagle, etc.).

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