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    Quality of the Recent SIGs

    I am in the market for a semi-auto and am torn between a SIG P226 and H&K USP in 9mm. You advice is greatly appreciated. Please be constructive and don’t tell me to buy both guns.

    I handled both guns at the store but hadn’t test fired them. Despite some claimed that the USP grip is larger I find the two are approximately the same (I wear med/large glove). The trigger pull is about the same although SIG may be a little lighter.

    My concern at this stage is the recent quality of SIG. According to the SIG Forum, many members are complaining about the overall quality since SIG started to manufacture the gun in the US. There is only a one-year limited warranty for SIG in Canada. What is your experience?

    Any advice?

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    I picked up a NIB P229R this past December. I can't imagine any better quality in a handgun. YMMV
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    i bought a new 229R last year and a new 220R two weeks ago. perfect handguns, can't find anything about them that isn't the highest quality.

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    Sigs and Hk are great guns.

    I'd see if your local range or gun club has them available for you to shoot 50 rounds out of them.

    I've "held" a Sig 229 and an Hk USP...but found one that had an incredible fit: Hk P2000.

    Therefore, I'd suggest an Hk. Good luck with your search.

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    Well, everyone knows I'm a Sig junkie. I haven't had an issue with my P226, but she's four years old and was made in Germany. So I can't really answer for the newest line. What I hear most is that the quality is lacking on guns that haven't been out that long, like the Mosquito, the 556, and their entire 1911 line. For those, I'd let them sit on the market for two or three years before buying one. However, the ones that have been around for a while like the P226, P229, P220, etc., I haven't had a single customer come back to me saying such and such happened to their guns or that the guns were poor quality. I also haven't shipped any Sigs back to the factory for repair (except for one, and it was a Mosquito). I don't own a Sig that was made ultra recently though, so I can't speak for myself. And I won't speak for HK at all because I don't own one. I've shot a few but don't own one.

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    Believe it or not, I only own one Sig (it's a price thing). I purchased an used P229 that was manufactured in 1996. I don't have to tell you they are tanks. I've handled HK's, but never fired one so I will not comment. My experience is a rental for test firing works well. For example the Glock 26. I considered it so I rented one to test fire. I hated it after the first magazine. I'm in no way condemning the model, I just didn't like the recoil and sight recovery for a smaller auto. Test firing a gun is like test driving a car. You'll either buy it on the spot or choose another brand.

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    i prefer the HK over the Sig, I didnt like my sig. I owned a 220R with night sites.

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    I have an opinion here....they are BOTH great pistols. That being said, I would go with a Variant 1 H&K (cocked & locked capable).

    There is ONLY one reason why I would make this choice because make no bones about it...I LIKE SIG!

    The H&K has a faster trigger reset for double taps, and fast follow up shots.

    I have purchased 5 Sigs over the last couple of years and spent money on each of them, trying to get the trigger to "work for me". I haven't been successful. Admittedly, I am picky about my trigger...and someone else may not even notice it or consider it an issue. I really REALLY like Sig, and the P228/229 in particular, but I haven't been able to get over that LOOOOONG trigger reset.

    So, all 5 of the Sigs I have purchased have been traded off, and I carry a Glock, but occaisionally carry my H&K Variant 1 45C.

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    I own a number of Sigs including a recent P226ST .40 S&W. I also have a new P226 ST TT .40 S&W being shipped to me as I type this. When my girlfriend wanted a gun, I bought her a P226ST 9MM.

    While I too have heard of QC issues, I think they are more related to the 1911 Style Sig is putting out and MAYBE some P220 issues.

    Given the number of Sigs out there, I'd say you are looking at a very small percentage.

    I like HK, but have never owned one. I'm sure they are great, but for me, if my 6 O'clock is on the line, it's a Sig I bet my life on.

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