HELP: First trip to a gun show...

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      HELP: First trip to a gun show...

      Any suggestions? Is it a good place to make a first gun purchase if I know what I want? Good place to stock up on ammo? Is there something else I should be asking?

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      At my nearby shows, ammo prices for range ammo is higher than what I can buy at Academy or Wal-Mart. At least for 9mm and other common types. Something like 380 or 32, you MIGHT find cheaper.

      For guns, definitely - however, it also depends on where U live. I heard guys all the time complaining about gun show prices in some parts of the country - yet here in Texas, U get awesome prices IF you go to the BIG gunshows.

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      Shop your local stores first. Know the prices of the guns and ammo you want to get. Then go to show and compare. If you get a great deal, go for it. If the prices are the same or close, I'd say buy at your local store. I'm a firm believer in having a store attached to a product if there is a problem, and you're supporting your local economy.

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      Like Tood said, price shop local stores and the internet a bit so you have idea of the price ranges out there. Locally the big shows are a good place to buy/trade.

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      Check the prices of guns at the shops in your area. If there is more than one big dealer there check their lowest prices. You might have to haggel with them some, but hold your ground. Most of the time you will save between $50.00 and a $100.00 under store prices. Private vendors and used guns is like sharks in the water. You better know the gun you want as well as the man who made it. Have fun and enjoy the show.

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      At the shows here in Florida we buy from one dealer , his marked prices are not what he sells his guns for, ask for best price and know internet pricing. He is the largest dealer there I have never gotten less than $90 to $125 off the marked price . Many of the dealers will match low price . Good Luck

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