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    A lot of LE Agencies are still buying 9mm guns, that doesn't mean I have to. Also, the reason that most fatal shootings he investigated involved small caliber guns is because the thugs can't afford much more. Just go to an police auction where they auction off guns used in crimes...about 90% of these are chambered in something smaller than 9mm. It's also a long known fact that thugs love the '9' because you can spread more bullets.
    but, as always...shot placement is key. If you can hit with a bigger bullet the better are the results most likely.

    btw; the .357 Magnum is a well proven manstopper for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rachilders View Post
    The fact was almost all the pistol shootings were commited with four calibers; .22, .380 .38 SPL or 9mm, with the 9mm and 22 have the lions share. .........Still, ALL were fatal, including the BP, and aside from the .22's, almost all the rest are in the same caliber range (.380, .38, 9mm).
    I've seen these type of statistics before, an I have no doubt they're true.

    But what conclusions do you draw from these statistics? Remember the main idea when being attacked is not to fatally wound the attacker, but to stop them right now from attacking. I'll bet that in many of these instances the person shot either died on the way to the hospital, maybe at the hospital, or at least a few minutes after the incident. I'm sure some lost the ability or will to fight right away, but how many didn't? If they didin't you're still in danger. I'd still bet on larger calibers to maximize my chances of stopping the attacker right now.

    Heck, you could shoot someone with a .22 in the leg in the middle of the desert and it may prove to be a fatal wound, but is that what we're looking for?

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