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    Im trying to buy IWB holster in kydex, on the website im looking it at, it asks wat angle cant do i want? Does that mean the angle the gun is holster at?

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    Yes. Cant is the angle the gun will sit at in the holster. If you have never used a plastic holster may I suggest you get one from a friend and try it for a few days. I hated mine as every time I sat down I had to adjust it or it would pinch me. Some folks love them so you'll have to decided that for yourself. Good luck.

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    I believe that is what they want to know. for strong side use you need either a verticle position or the holster canted back to maybe 20 degrees in which would put the muzzel behind verticle and bring the bottom of the gripup. If you are planing to wear it cross draw then the cant should be forwarsbringing the muzzel to the back of verticle on your weak side and lowering the grip fir easy acces with your strong hand. The verticle position may work for either side but I find a cant more comfortable.

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