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    My autoloader...........

    This little Mauser in .25 ACP is the very first handgun I ever fired, in the spring of 1946. It was my borther's War Trophy from WW II. At my brother's death, my nephew acquired it, then gave it to me about a year ago.

    My Dad, my brother and I divided up a box of cartridges and blazed away at a can set atop a fence post. Fifty rounds later the can remained unscathed, but a little eight year old determined then and there to learn to shoot the handgun, and to learn all he could about the handgun.

    Bob Wright

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    Nice little gun...

    We'll get U to buy a P99 one of these days....

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    Talking .25 Mauser

    Hi Bob,
    When I was in Germany in the 1960s It was quite common to see a police officer carrying one of those in a small flap holster. A friend told me that when he was there right after WW2, The US Army gave a lot of the surplus M&P victory Model revolvers, both in .38 S&W and .38 Special to the Police organizations. The German Police mindset considered these as ancient history and every police officer wanted to swap the revolver for any kind of semi auto. He said whenever any one of them went to Spain they would load up their baggage with the M&P revolvers and swap them for any .25 or .32 that they could get. Jim

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