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    New with Questions

    First off, new to forum, not new to guns. Not much experience with alot of hand guns. All my experience is with .22 revolver, 9mm Berreta (Military issue), and Black Powder.
    I shoot shotguns ALOT! Last year I taught my wife how to shoot. We go claying and hunting alot now. Was at a clay course and someone had a modified .410. Had a pistol grip on it. dont ask me why. Was still the long gun but he hand cut and shaped the stock. Anyways, we were plinking around with it and my wife wanted to try it because "it looked like fun" So I let her. She could barly hold it up but shot it a couple times and now wants to learn how to shoot pistols.
    All this to ask a question I am sure has been asked before, "WHAT GUN SHOULD I BUY FOR MY WIFE." Long, sad story, left me with no guns so I am restocking my gun cabinet. I was thinking of getting an inexpensive .22 due to ammo prices to target with. I wanted to start my wife with the .22 and then move her up to a 9mm for target and home defense. Probably not going to carry it. These are just the guns I have shot and are familiar with. If there are others you recommend then please, let me know.
    Last question is, the local shop owner up the street continues to talk up HI-POINT handguns. Whats the take on these??

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    Hi-point makes an excellent carbine, handguns not so much.
    You should really look into their carbines though. No really. Their that fun and the .40cal is quieter then the 9mm. Weird.

    So far your on the right path .22 and work your way up.
    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hucklebery View Post
    ...the local shop owner up the street continues to talk up HI-POINT handguns. Whats the take on these??
    I think the best advise I could give you would be:

    "Quick, find another gun shop!"
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    Welcome to the forum.

    You might consider a revolver for the .22, unless you already feel pretty comfortable with semi-autos.

    Beyond that, I'll let the fellows with semi-auto .22's give advice.

    Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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    Most new shooters out grow their first gun real fast if it is a .22. If you are going to get a .22 try a Ruger Standard Model as they will last a life time or two and you don't have to fool around loading them every couple of shots. Buy a couple of extra mags and shoot for awhile.

    This gun has gone through my wife and me, my kids all 6 of them, and now is going through grandkids all four of them. Best $120 I ever spent on a gun.

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    How 'bout dis one.

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    Any gun shop that talks up a Hi-Point needs to be moved to the very end of your list of gun shops. You could always buy her a pistol grip .410, Mossberg makes one. Or, pistol wise, I would agree with the .22. However, before buying anything how about hitting the local range with some rentals to make sure you both enjoy it and to decide what calibur you prefer and what feels best. That is a really good move always.

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