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  • DA

    39 2.60%
  • SA

    63 4.19%
  • DA/SA

    146 9.72%
  • Polymer

    126 8.39%
  • Semiauto

    229 15.25%
  • Revolver

    6 0.40%
  • Stainless

    110 7.32%
  • Blued

    75 4.99%
  • High Capacity

    161 10.72%
  • Single-Stack

    65 4.33%
  • 9mm

    100 6.66%
  • .45

    112 7.46%
  • .40

    47 3.13%
  • Manual Safety

    107 7.12%
  • Decocker

    116 7.72%
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    west chester ohio
    it has been a while since i looked at this very good poll and there have been more votes -
    leaders are now
    DA/SA / Semiauto / Polymer / Hi Cap / .45 / decocker

    now that the FNP-45 is shipping and have been seen in several stores - does anybody have any contacts that can indicate how quickly these are selling?

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    Since this is mostly thought of for a carry pistol, wouldn't a high cap 45 be about the worst thing possible to try and hide?

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    Oct 2007

    Never jams.
    Shoots half a season without any maintenance.
    Stun or kill setting.
    Can be used to heat up a rock for life saving warmth.
    Can bore through pretty much anything.
    No recoil.
    Light enough that velcro counts as a holster.
    Not everybody has one.

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    Really though...

    I like the same pull every time trigger like a DAO, Glock, or XD at about 5 pounds pull. I like 45ACP. I'd go single stack, with the slide no thicker than the grip. 6 shot mag, based on the size of my hand. Small but effective TFO type sights. No external safety. Polymer and black stainless. Fully supported, fully ramped barrel. 4 inch barrel that locks up at the rear like a Glock or XD. Probably the polygonal rifling like a Glock or Kahr P series.

    Crap, just give me a 4 inch Kahr P-45 with TFOs and a good trigger, and I'll be good for a while.

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    I'd like to see a Glock 19 with HK p30 finger grooves.

    OR S&W M&P 9mm that has similar dimensions of a G19 with HK P30 finger grooves and nice trigger with less play.

    point is.. g19 probably most perfect sized pistol, p30 has the most comfy finger grooves ive felt, and I like the hinged trigger of the M&P over Glocks side by side, M&P has a prettier slide imo.

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    Here's my perfect gun...

    (Photo from Ken Lunde)

    The Sig X5 Short (226 sized)

    Too bad it's probably going to well over $2K as it's probably a "Master Shop" gun.

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    Nov 2008
    I too like sigs

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    skyfire is offline Junior Member
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    May 2008
    DA/SA 4.5-5 lb sa pull (and i want it smooth like sig's trigger pull, not that metal on metal spring stressing feeling in the trigger like my pps does, i hate that)
    carbon frame (light and strong)
    no safety
    sig or walther style brakedown lever/switch (no parts to lose, easy field stripping)
    single stack mag (thin for carry)
    night sights
    decocking lever
    slide catch with some good leverage (i hate catches that are really hard to push)
    thumb button mag release (i'm not a fan of the lower trigger guard lever)
    piccy rail is always good to have

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    Ideal Carry Gun For Me

    .357 Sig
    TruDot NS
    Double Stack
    Nitron Style Finish
    Manual 1911 Style Safety
    Ambi Controls
    Sub Compact
    3.5" Barrel

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    Well I think it would be an upgraded 1911 Commander. Round the end of the grip at the base of the main spring housing not like the Bob Tail but a smoother transition. Lower the tab on the safety leaver just a tad. Skeletonize it down for additional weight savings using alloys. Otherwise leave it alone as it is near perfect to begin with. It was designed to be the perfect fighting pistol and it has stood the test of time better than any other pistol period. I'd like to see a better guide rod laser that incorporates a grip switch for instant on. I guess I'm just old school.

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    I currently carry a G23. I like shooting full size 1911's, and am looking at purchasing a PM9 as a BUG/NPE carry. Pretty open and not anal about any brand as long as it meets the mission specs.

    People who carry G26/7's love them except the thickness can be an issue. You can deal with it but when you have a very thin pistol like the PM9 you can slip it just about anywhere.

    I'm looking for a 24/7 gun, deep cover and would like something as dependable as the Glock, striker fired but a SA trigger feel (no cocking in the take-up, just an adjustable release) somewhere between the size of the P9 and the PM9, about .80 thick with adjustable back straps. I thought of cutting the grip of a P9 to accept PM9 mags. Glockers sometimes do it to G19's to accept G26 mags (short grip) to make them more concealable.

    Not to debate the quality of Kel-tec's PF9 but having a subcompact gun where you change out the grip could make it possible with a grip change and the right mags to switch between single and double stack to fit the carry profile. Short, long, single, double, etc.

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    It would be my HK usp compact 357sig, but with my name on the slide. lol

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    JMB already did... 1911.

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    My dream gun would be H&K making a USP quality version of a ruger LCP-except with a hammer and single action capability. I may end up getting a sig 238 because HK does not manufacture the gun I speak of.

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