I wish I could carry on mine. Not really that I need to I just want to. I mean the odds of a garbage man having to defend himself is pretty slim. But we do have to go through the projects (well not really projects...but the bad areas). People get all pissy about something. Couple of times had people threaten me, one guy pull a knife and threaten to cut me because I wouldnt take a bunch of trash his brother halled in. It was a small knife so I was able to safely disarm him and wait for the cops to show.

That is why I advise hand to hand combat training also. People make fun of me and call me gay because I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. What they dont realize is we train with boxing, kickboxing, also. Helps that one of the instructors is a cop. So we get to help him train. He puts his training pistol in his holster and puts his belt on. We try to get his gun and stuff and he tries to keep us from getting it. Pretty smart as he says if I can keep you guys from getting it I can keep someone who doesnt know what they are doing from getting it.