Gun trivia???
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Thread: Gun trivia???

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    Gun trivia???

    What brand of 1911's was Nicolas Cage using in FaceOff?

    What type of guns were used to build the rifle in Aliens?(part two)

    What was Robocops gun?

    And what gun dose Arnold(the govenator) use in the beginning of TrueLies.(when he's getting chased by dudes on skis and snow mobiles)

    If you have answers Email me.
    If you have more trivia post it.
    Please don't give out the answers.

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    Movie guns

    While we are on the subject of movie guns I paused and rewound "Cobra" enough times to finally get that it was a Colt MK IV Commercial 9MM. I wish I could find someone who makes reproductions of those grips.

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