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    Anyone have one of these 10MM? What do you think of it, quality, value, relaiability ect?

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    i used to own one probaby 4 years ago or so it was a decent gun my only gripe was the mags that came with my gun other than that it was ok

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    I have the compac model with an optional .40 S&W barrel.I use this as my truck gun(Under the seat).The gun took a few hundred rounds to break in then, it ran without a hitch.With either barrel.For the money its a real bargin.I wasn't expecting much when I bought it. But, have been pleasantly surprised.The all-steel construction(weight) helps with the full house 10mm loads.The grip and feel of the gun is comfortable for my medium sized hands.The accuracy is surprisingly good for a shorter barreled gun.
    I use TW25 grease for lubrication after cleaning.This stuff really makes this gun function smoothly.

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    I have the full size in .45, with the "wonder" finish. So far, it's been flawless, both with the factory mag and the 2 Meg-gar ones I bought afterwards. I was planning to keep it a while, and then get a CZ97B, but I don't really see how it could be any better. I had two 1911 .45's in the past, and had problems with both. Besides, the 1911 grip feels wrong to me. The CZ type grip feels perfect.
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    I've owned the EAA Witness in 10MM (Wonder Finish) for a few years (5 or 6). I like the gun. It's performed quite well. My only problem with it is the fact that 10MM ammo is getting quite spendy. I would buy another, but perhaps in a different caliber. I do intend on changing the sights on it, but they're little different than most other handguns. BTW, it likes the plain old CCI Blazer better than any other ammo, which is a plus if your range allows aluminum cased ammo.

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    Funny, I just got back from an informal night shoot. One of my shooting buddies was there with several 10mm's, and he insisted that I try them all. Nice guy that I am, I took him up on his offer of free ammo.

    He had a Kimber 5", an IAI Javelina 7", a Para-Ordnance P16, and an EAA 5". So, I got to put one mag through the EAA. (Not extensive experience, but at least recent!) Best ergonomics ever (copied from the CZ-75). Very comfortable to hold. He said what he liked about it is that you can swap top ends for different calibers, which you can't do with many other guns. So, it seems like an EAA would be a good choice, so that you could have the 10mm you want, and then get an extra top end in 9mm for cheap trigger time.

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