Anybody any experience with the Llama pistols?

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      Anybody any experience with the Llama pistols?

      Anybody ever do much with the Spanish made Llama autos available in the 1950s?

      These were copies of the Colt Government Model in 9mm, .38 Super and .45 ACP. The only difference I ever saw was the ventilated rib on top of the slide. The one I had the opportunity to shoot was nicely finished, with checkered wood grips, and was a .38 Super. They never offered a M1911 version, all were commercial finished, and as I recall, full sized pistols, no Commander-sized gun.

      I used a borrowed one on several occassions, mostly plinking or for ground squirrels around Camp Roberts, California.

      The .38 Super impressed me as a small game round, shooting much like a +P .38 Special. I have not seen these guns for awhile, and wondered how popular they might have been.

      Bob Wright

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      I had the Colt Government Model in 380 and 45 acp back in the 70's. I thought they were great pistols. They seemed heaver than the Colts. Never had a problem with them.

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      I'm pretty sure that Llama's will no longer be imported into the conutry. I always wanted one of their rip off .45s. For $280 i'd pay, even if it was crap.

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