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    Quote Originally Posted by 10mm Sonny View Post
    When I first moved to Las Vegas in `99, a co-worker suggested I get an extra cheap wallet ( and leave it empty) and keep it in my pocket.
    Actually, I think you are supposed to put a little note inside the fake wallet...that says...

    SORRY, the IRS was here first.

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    1. Give them your wallet.

    2. Throw you wallet to their gun hand side. If they reach for it, that should pull their weapon off of you and give you a chance to either run like hell or draw your weapon.

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    I think you can never really tell till it is in your face....but as a concealed carry it is a good idea to think it over as much as you can before it happens...

    and like in martial arts...practice practice practice..........

    one gunslingers opinion

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    I'm not trying to be macho or anything, but personally, if I'm approached by two thugs in the middle of the night and they say they're gonna shoot me if I don't do what they say and look to be packing - they've presented enough deadly threat to me to draw. Whether or not I'd shoot immediatly... I dunno.. I suppose it'd depend on if I actually saw their weapon, but by that time it could be too late.

    And even without a gun, a pack of baddies can beat you to death... so if the situation has me feeling like my life is in immediate danger, I'm sure as hell gonna put up a fight. (And yes, I have been the victim of an attempted mugging by four men when I was younger, pre CCW, and I fought and ran. I shudder to think of what could've happened if I stayed and let them kick the bejezus outta me.)

    It's ultimately a personal call though. Some abhor voilence so much that they'd rather submit and let themselves be killed than fight back - I know people of this opinion and I just don't get it. But if it's their life on the line, and it's their call, I guess.

    My personal rule - As soon as someone makes the concious decision to infringe upon my rights to life and limb, they've chosen to forfeit theirs. Not the prettiest view I'll admit, but it keeps it simple in my head.

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