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      Quote Originally Posted by BLS86 View Post
      I checked, maybe over looked it, but haven't found a thread so far of situations where anyone has ever had to actually use their guns for defensive purposes. I know personally I have loaded a gun as a precaution, but have yet to be put in the situation to defensively aim or fire one. Anyone ever been there?

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      Quote Originally Posted by js View Post
      That is an incredible story!

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      Thanks Snowman, now that its over and done with I can site back and laugh and make fun of it all. I'm just glade it turned out that way, it could have been a whole lot worse.

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      I find it interesting that I answered this exact same question earlier today at another forum. This, for the most part, was my reply...

      In 1980 I was pulling a small trailer from New Orleans to Philadelphia (I was in the navy and was traveling from one base to another), and had to pull off the interstate near Washington, DC due to road construction. I became lost and found myself, after dark, in a bad part of town. I was sitting at a stop light when a car with three kids - rough looking males in their late teens/early 20's - pulled beside me. As I pulled away from the light, the other car paced me for a block or so and I could see the occupants looking at me and talking. At the next light, one of the "boys" yelled out a passenger window and asked what I was doing in DC (he must of noticed the LA tags on my car). Trying not to be confrontational, I said I was just passing thru. He then asked what I had in the trailer and I said personal stuff. At that point, I pulled away from the light and they paced me again, still asking questions. I had rolled up my window by then, but I could hear the kids calling for me to slow down (which I didn't do) and roll my window down (which I also didn't do). As I slowed for another stop light, they pulled beside me again, this time using some bad language and asking why I didn't roll my window down. When I didn't answer, one of the kids opened their cars rear passenger door, got out and began to walk towards my car with a beer bottle in his hand.

      There was no way I could outrun these guys in my car and I had no idea where I was, having never been to DC before. I owned a Colt 1911 Combat Commander at the time and it was in my cars glove compartment. I removed it when I saw the kid walking towards my car and as he got close enough to see me, I placed the gun (still in hand) on the dash above the steering wheel. As soon as he saw it, he tossed the bottle and walked QUICKLY to his car. A few moments later the car peeled out, ran the stop light and I never saw it again.

      I don't know if the kids where trying to scare me, wanted to rob me or had something even more serious in mind, but just the sight of my 1911 was enough to make them decide it was best to quit following me and head for parts unknown. If I hadn't had that 1911 with me, who knows what may have happened that night in DC... maybe nothing or just maybe, I might not be here today to tell this story.

      While I never fired a shot or even pointed it at anyone, to this day I firmly believe that Colt prevented something bad from happening to me that night. It's also why there is always a weapon with me in my vehicle. In fact, there is one in my vehicle whether I carry another pistol or not. It's part of my "safety" equipment, just like the spare tire and the cell phone that are also with me if my car leaves my garage with me in it.
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      But you're safe in DC because guns are illegal. That should be the safest palce in America...?

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      Quote Originally Posted by tnoisaw View Post
      But you're safe in DC because guns are illegal. That should be the safest palce in America...?
      As safe as Great Britain, where guns are only carried by higher Police Officers and Criminals?

      I would never consider any place as safe, even if I did check it. There are too many things, a human could miss out, and you never know.


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      Quote Originally Posted by tnoisaw View Post
      But you're safe in DC because guns are illegal. That should be the safest palce in America...?
      I really hope you were being sarcastic.

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