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      78 3.68%
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      220 10.38%
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      289 13.63%
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      691 32.59%
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      305 14.39%
    • 9-11

      200 9.43%
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      124 5.85%
    • 15-20

      71 3.35%
    • 20-25

      33 1.56%
    • 25-30

      27 1.27%
    • 30-40

      30 1.42%
    • 40-50

      17 0.80%
    • 50-60

      11 0.52%
    • 60-70

      5 0.24%
    • More than 70

      19 0.90%
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    Thread: How many Handguns Do You Own - Poll #2 - More Options

    1. #181
      Junior Member
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      Jan 2009
      Rockford, IL
      I have only one, but I seem to like rifles a bit more

    2. #182
      Junior Member
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      Feb 2008
      Tucson, AZ
      I am not yet an owner, but after my first im sure the collection will increase...

    3. #183
      Junior Member
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      Apr 2009
      I'm thinking of collecting handguns for investment purposes. I bought my first Glock 19 almost 18 years ago for around $500 and I'm sure I could get $400 tomorrow if I needed the money. A good handgun will hold it's value.

    4. #184
      Banned Oldman's Avatar
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      Apr 2009

      I own several

      I own several but did not buy them all. Many were given to me by gun makers, some were inherited and some were bought for court exhibits.

      Being a gun lover, I am always on the lookout for another gun at a decent price. They generally will increase in value with time.

      I bought a Colt AR 15 in the mid 60's for $149. A sheriff recently offered me $1,200 for it.

      I paid $129 for a S&W model 36 in 1972 and could get $350 for it today.

      Guns are great investments.

    5. #185
      Member undrgrnd's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 2008
      South East, Tx
      updating I now have 4 pistols, 3 rifles and one shotgun. hopefully adding a p-3at, lcp or lcr to the collection soon.

    6. #186
      Junior Member dbarnett0311's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 2008

      A small handful

      I don't have a large collection by collector standards, but some are priceless because they were my grandfathers. My favorites:
      Sig: p226, 229, 245
      1945 CZ
      Colt model 1903
      Colt Officers Revolver

    7. #187
      Join Date
      Apr 2009

      Thumbs down a limit in rockland

      hi guys , in the county of rockland in southern New York , the judge decides how many you can own , a short time ago a collector moved to New Hamsphire after the local judge denied a additional pistol to be added to a excisting pistol license , the man owned over 70 , but another according to the judge one more was too many , zorro

      ps say a prayer for NY tomorrows the beginning of the end of legal gun ownership

    8. #188
      Junior Member
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      Apr 2009
      3 handguns and I am now looking at the XD40 for number 4.

    9. #189
      J D
      J D is offline
      Junior Member
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      Apr 2009
      Currently own 3 pistols, S&W M&P 9c, S&W M&P 45c, Walther P22,and a remington 870 18" 20 gauge....Looking to buy an XD 9 sc next...

    10. #190
      cig is offline
      Junior Member
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      Apr 2009
      4 hand guns presently. The only one longer than 3 in. is a ruger p89. Hate the trigger pull on this one.

    11. #191
      Junior Member ahenthus's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 2009
      Upstate SC
      I have 3.

      S&W Model 28 Highway Patrolman 357
      Sig Sauer P230
      Walther P22

      Looking to add a 45 and a 9mm soon.

    12. #192
      Member falchunt's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 2009
      LMFAO I can't believe some of you guys really do have 70+ handguns. OOOOhhh how I envy you!!!

      I am a proud px4 owner, my lonely pistol for now.....
      Last edited by falchunt; 07-28-2009 at 12:45 PM. Reason: addition

    13. #193
      Junior Member MauiWowie22's Avatar
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      Jun 2009
      all sigs here

    14. #194
      Junior Member PT92MJ's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 2009
      Being retired and working parttime makes it a little easier for me to curtail my urges, limited budget and all. However, I find that I am in need of a .22(hee, hee) since I have about 2000 rounds of a.22LR that are just itching to go flying somewhere. I do have a Springfield 87A semi-auto rifle, but don't fire it at the range.
      I can understand though about never being enough. I currently have in addition to the Springfield, a Taurus PT92AF, a Taurus 24/7 Pro DS in .40 S&W, and my little Eastern European special, a Polish P64 in 9x18. And the P64 is in need of a buddy that I saw at my local gun shop. So, if I can swing it, there may be two more in the immediate future.

    15. #195
      Member oak1971's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 2008
      12 with one on layaway.

      Sig 220 elite stainless
      Sig 226 elite stainless
      Smith 629 8 3/8"
      Smith 629-4 6.5" ported
      Smith 629-4 3" ported
      Taurus M44 6.5" ported
      Ruger Security Six 4" 357
      Ruger MK3
      Les Baer/John Harrison 1911
      Dan Wesson Valor
      1969 Colt by John Giles
      Para P14-45

      Kahr MK9 on layaway.

    16. #196
      Join Date
      Apr 2007
      Since this thread is still going....

      Walther P99
      Walther PPK/s
      Walther P1
      Walther P5c
      Walther SP22M1
      can you tell I like Walthers?
      Glock 26
      H&K P7PSP
      ParaUSA LTC
      Beretta Neos
      Beretta 21
      CZ 85 Combat
      Seecamp .32
      Hammerli SP20
      Steyr LP1
      Feinwerkbau 65
      Smith & Wesson 386 ScS
      Smith & Wesson 63
      Smith & Wesson 22A
      Ruger Single-Six
      Ruger MKIII Hunter
      H&R 999
      Springfield XD9
      Norinco .45
      Kimber UC II
      Kel-Tec P3AT
      Taurus 85
      Taurus 24/7
      Sig Sauer 239
      Charter Arms Off Duty
      NAA .22
      Erma KGP69
      Browning Buckmark
      Colt Python
      Kahr PM9
      Hi-Standard Duramatic

    17. #197
      Junior Member The Goat's Avatar
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      Jul 2009
      Abingdon, MD
      wow my 5 does not seem cool any more

    18. #198
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      Apr 2007
      Quote Originally Posted by The Goat View Post
      wow my 5 does not seem cool any more

      I guess it won't help much to mention that I just won an auction for another .22 semi, and will be adding a Hi-Standard to the stable in the next few weeks...

    19. #199
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      Dec 2006
      Largo, Fl
      Doggone Phil, you must have a safe big enough for a bank. I have four, but I still need a .22 revolver, and a single stack 9 mm.
      I hope the left-wingers don't read these sites.

    20. #200
      Join Date
      Jul 2009
      5 here......till I win the lottery, then MANY more!!!

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