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    Quote Originally Posted by kraigster414 View Post
    Nothing like getting off to a good start (this is only my second post) but in my line of business, we call it a NEGLIGENT discharge. Accidental is when a meteorite decides out of 150 billion homes to land on YOUR roof. The overwelming majority of ND's are due to human error not to a mechanical failure. Flame me if you will but this is the way I was trained.
    But you get more responses if you call them "accidental". No one likes to admit they were negligent.

    Never argue with drunks or crazy people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wandering Man View Post
    But you get more responses if you call them "accidental". No one likes to admit they were negligent.

    I hear ya but when it comes to guns and the serious consequences of mishandling, you have to play "tough love" me think. In the military, government security, and LE world, we call it a "negligent" discharge, pure and simple. And in every case I have reviewed, the action was attributable to human error, e.g., not clearing a weapon properly or unfamiliarity with the workings of the weapon - all things that could have been prevented.

    While the term "accidental" may sound better, it's not a term my colleagues or I are allowed to use. After the dust settles and hopefully no one was killed or injured, there is a lot of "explainin'" to do on the part of the "discharger" - including serious disciplinary action (sometimes). Not pretty.
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    My buddy and I were at a friend's house during a party one night many years ago, and the three of us came across a rusty old shotgun in a closet, and some shells. We took it out in the back and unbeknownst to me, my buddy had very very little knowledge on firearms; especially rusted out shotguns twice as old as we were. Well he loaded it up and pulled the trigger, nothing happened. He turned it to the side, to where the barrel was pointed to his immediate left, while I was behind him on his left. He then slid the pump forward and *BOOM* the gun fired and damn near jumped out of his hands. There were all sorts of people on the right side, he just got lucky.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER fuck with a gun that you don't know how to operate. All those warnings stamped into the slides of guns mean something.

    And I'm sure most if not all people on this board know enough about guns that it would likely never be a problem, but just because you know the safety, certainly doesn't mean others around you don't.

    Personally, I try not to even give myself a chance to AD/ND by carrying Condition 3(full mag, chamber empty) whenever I have the gun.

    edit- This probably wins the gold though, so don't feel too bad fellas
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    worthwhile accessory

    Kevlar pistol case for ALL administrative handling in quarters.

    If you do have an accident (or a "negligent"), make sure it is only embarrassing, not fatal.

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    I was 20yo, and was living in a duplex in a bad section of town. I had no money to buy a proper handgun, and really felt I needed one. My uncle gave me a Davis .380 semi auto. What a piece of junk. Anyway, I was on the phone one night, picked up the gun removed the magazine and began dry firing, heard a knock on the door, put magazine back in, put phone down, answer door, tell salesman I don't want any, return to phone call, forget I put magazine back in, resume "dry firing" BANG..or should I say was a Davis .380...anyway ND occured, no injuries, live and learn.

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