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Thread: new gun

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    new gun

    just bought a new Taurus pt111 millenuim pro and i noticed that the front sight i s slightly off center, could this be from where it was sighted in at the factory?, i havent had a chance to shoot it yet, so hopefully this week ill get out there and
    put a few rounds down range.

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    Sorry but we can't answer until you post pics. If it is off to much you may be able to move it a little with a piece of wood and a few taps with a hammer. I'd take it to the range first and see how off it is then go from there.

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    Does it have a dovetail?

    IIRC, the Taurus does not have a dovetail-mounted front sight, so it can't be drifted sideways. (Is that right?) If it shoots where you point it, don't worry about it. If it doesn't, maybe you can move the rear sight to correspond. If it's really cattywumpus, send it back to Taurus, and ask them please to fix it. I would expect that, like most businesses, the speed of the repair will correlate to the niceness of the request.

    For true fixed sight guns (like revolvers), the fix is usually to file a little off one side of the sight, or file a little off the inside of one side of the rear notch. (Be positive you know which side to whittle on before whittling!)

    Here's a handy formula for determining how much to adjust sights.
    S = distance in inches between front sight and rear sight (sight radius)
    H = inches you want the impact point to move
    D = distance in yards between front sight and rear sight

    It always surprises me how little sight adjustment is needed. Usually, it's mere thousandths of an inch.

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    Wait and see how it shoots before U worry about it. Also, if you shoot low and to the left initially (or low and to the right if left handed), then that is generally the shooters fault, and not the gun.

    If U have doubts, let an experienced shooter on the range try a few rounds thru it.

    Years ago when I had a 1911 w/ adj sights, I had someone else try it. Now, I am good enough to be able to tell on my own.

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    thanks for the input everyone, ill take it out and shoot a few and see.

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