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    .357 Magnum

    Can anyone tell me why it is so hard to find a semi-auto that is designed for .357 ammo? It's more powerful than the .38 and I understand it has a higher velocity and range than the .38 Special or the larger 9mm's for that matter.
    I've been thinking of buying a reproduction of a revolver carbine. They're refit for .38 specials, yet the revolver pistol of the same make gives an option of .38 special or .357 mag!
    Even in our modern guns, .357 semi's are rare as hens teeth! Why?

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    The quick answer is the 357mag is a rimmed cartridge.

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    Yes, the case rims that are larger diameter than the case makes it challenging to design a gun that feeds reliably. Also, the 357's overall cartridge length makes a large grip necessary (Desert Eagle). You can get rather close to current 357 Magnum ballistics with the 357 Sig.

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    Coonan makes a .357 1911 style auto....check it out.

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    Desert Eagle Auto Mag .357 but If I were you I would get the .357 sig and it will give you good results. If you have a Glock 22 or 23 then get the drop in barrel in .357 sig as they use the same mags.

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