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      I have an issue with my shooting range, I'm not allowed to pre-fill my magazines before going to the range. I fully get why I can't, and agree with them, but its still really inconvenient to have to stop and load my magazines over and over just to enjoy my shooting time. So I made myself a single handed reloading tool on my 3D printer, and it works great! Cheap to produce, and makes loading fast and easy. I have been asked at the range by other members to make them some of these, as everyone seems to like what I have done.

      Well, I decided to make a lot of them, and quite honestly, sell them. I am not pitching myself here, nor selling them on these forums. What I need for this project is measurements I only own 2 handguns, a EAA Sar B6P and a S&W sd9ve. Obviously my speed loader works great on those , but I really would like to make different versions for different guns. So I turn to you, owners of handguns and ask if you would take a moment and measure your magazine for me and send me the results.

      I would greatly appreciate it, so I am going to make an incentive. If you can send me dimensions of 3 or more magazines, I will make and send you a custom hand reloader for one of your choice. Obviously my deal cannot be open-ended, and I am anticipating some decent response, so I will offer this through June 30th, 2016

      What I need is:
      Name of the handgun, model.
      Single or double stack magazine.
      Caliber of the ammo. (380, 9mm, etc)
      how wide is the magazine when facing you
      how wide is the side of the magazine (Note if there is a metal roll-seam, indicate that and add it in to the measurement)
      How wide is the opening on the top between the 'lips'

      If you are submitting 3 or more different magazines and wish to claim my offer, I will need a shipping address as well.

      Here is my email: I prefer you contact me there if you would like to participate....


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      ohio territory?
      Just get an Uplula mag loader or go to another range? jmo

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      This must be how UpLULA got started.
      I applaud your inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit!

      I can't help you much.
      I still use G.I. M1911 magazines, which are very easy to fully load.
      I also use Colt's M.1903 magazines (.380 ACP), and they're really easy to load-up too.
      My wife uses .380 ACP, Kel-Tec P-3AT magazines. No problem there, either.

      Note that there is at least one non-size-dependent, magazine-loading tool: It's a plastic ring that fits over one's thumb. It has a projection on its bottom which is designed to press down upon the top cartridge in the magazine, so that another cartridge may be easily slid in atop it.
      See it here: 6-Pk. of .22-.45 Mag Loaders - 76465, Shooting Accessories at Sportsman's Guide

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      Not meaning to be obtuse but an UpLuLa fits many different mags of many different calibers - single device.
      Yours, on the other hand, sounds to be wedded to one mag, one caliber. So what makes your loader special enough for me to buy, and carry, a half a dozen of them in my range bag to cover my mags? Is it faster? Easier to use? What's it bring to the table?

      BTW I rarely use a mag loader other than my original equipment thumbs.

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