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    Best SD 380 Ammo

    Is it true that the best SD ammo to use in my Bersa Thunder 380 is FMJ rather than HP? I have read this a few places and heard it a few times. What is the best combination for penetration and expansion in the caliber weapon for SD?

    Thank you for your help in advance,


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    I have a 32, and for that, I do use FMJ for penetration.

    For a 380 (I had 1 years ago), Golden Sabers used to be considered the best ammo brand for that caliber. In a 380, I'd rather have JHP. I think its far enough up the scale to use a hollow point.

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    You would probably get better penetration with a FMJ at the expense of expansion. I use Federal Hydra-Shoks (HP)

    I think it's all nearly irrelavent compared to shot placement, which is critical.

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