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Thread: its poll time

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    My vote goes for Glock. I really like the competition models 34 and 35 with the extra long 5.32" barrel. I've never been a big fan of grip safeties in competition shooting and I notice a lot of shooters tape their grip safeties closed (disengaged) on their 1911s. I like the minimal controls on the Glock so I can rest my left thumb on the frame without coming into contact with protrusions. When I try to do that on the XD, I run into the disassembly lever. I bought a 4" XD in 9mm but I didn't like the feel and I shot poorly with it. So I exchanged it for a G 17.

    On the other hand, most people I know who purchased the XDs like them and shoot well with them.

    I believe the Glock tenifer finish is tougher than the finish on the XD, an opinion shared even by some XD users I know. Of course, if the gun is properly taken care of, this won't matter.

    For detail stripping/cleaning, nothing is simpler and quicker than Glocks in my view.

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    I've heard several people discussing the "ease of field stripping" thier handgun. Unless you're talking about a Ruger Mark II (which isn't as bad as it's reputation, or a 1911), most handguns are stripped by "pull lever, remove slide" aren't they? Even my ppk/s which is a 70 yr old design is this simple.

    Is this a big item in choosing a handgun for many?

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    FN P9 !! or XD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denfoote View Post
    We are Glock.
    Restance is futile.
    You will be assimilated!!!
    Sounds like fun

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    Glock vs. XD

    Ahem. The XD is sort of an awkward- looking bid for some of that Glock money. It does have some nifty features... Like, if you need to check and see if you remembered to chamber a round... In the dark... Why you wouldn't chamber a round before you put your gun into your holster to carry, I don't know... wonder that every time I see someone do it in the movies to up the intimidation factor...

    I don't think the XD really does anything that Glocks don't, except that they have some extra 'stuff' and a hell of a lot better marketing. I look at magazine ads, catalogs, and the web and Springfield is doing everything right in terms of marketing. The trigger system named 'USA'? This gun was made in CROATIA, baby. They always have the American flag flying behind it, the slick photos of the hand holding 13+1 rounds of .45acp... They offer those chrome- colored slides, too. People seriously dig that look, and Glock should take note of that.

    I'm sorry, I just can't get all excited about the XD. I shoot nice groups with Glocks and they carry so well... Pretty much every holster made comes in a version for Glock... Magazines are easy to find, cheap, and durable... ditto parts/ springs for them... I'm not going to get all "Glock Perfection" on you, but XD's aren't that much cheaper and I don't think they're better.

    I don't find that the grip angle of the XD mimics the 1911, at least not in my hand. For me, the XD points more like a CZ 52, if any of you guys know what that's like. I find that Glock grip- reduction surgery to be off-putting, like bling rims on a classy European car.

    I like the clean lines of the Glock slide as opposed to the 'stepped' slide of the Springfield XD, which left me wondering which part of the slide I should grasp, like the Sig P229. The 229 looks a hell of a lot sexier. In fact, the XD looks like a train wreck between the aesthetics of Sig slides without an exposed hammer and Glock frames awkwardly- executed. You know what pistol had a frame that felt great in my hand? The S&W Sigma. Sadly, that was probably the best thing about that pistol...

    Gun shops will always have to have something new to sell... the last two years, it's been the XD's. Hell, it's nice to have some choices. Meanwhile, plain-vanilla Glocks soldiers on among those who carry a pistol for a living like police, FBI, etc. I like shooting my Glock because it always works, is easy to clean and bonus! is comfortable to carry. More power to Springfield for bringing to market a product that can compete with the 'big guy' so completely, and I wouldn't blame anyone who carries them. They're fine, but I prefer Glock.

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