My Grandpa was in vietnam and Korea, while he was in vietnam he brought back a Chinese t-54 m20 Tokarev, with matching mags, holster and the belt of the Vietnamese major he shot and took it from. Paper work and everything. The pistol is in very good shape, but has a little surface rust peppered across the slide. A few years ago my mother was offered $3,500 for it, she declined and the pistol is now mine. I have no intentions of selling it. My question is, if i where to remove the blueing and light rust and reblue the gun would that dimish the value at all? I have a Star super B that i am going to hot blue to get a feel for it. I will make sure i am good at it before doing it to the Tokarev. I will attach a few pictures so you can see the condition. The bore is perfect, and the internals are perfect as well. It just bugs me having a little rust on one of my guns, i am really OCD about keeping my guns super clean, the rust really bothers me. So can i hot blue my tokarev without the value diminishing?

Theres a 3rd mag in the pictures because i bought another, and then switched the floor plates around because the original mags fit better than the new one, but i liked the pinky rest.20151225_125930.jpg20151225_125950.jpg20151225_130008.jpg