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Thread: 10 mm dilemna

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    10 mm dilemna

    Recentlly began to feel an itch for a 10mm semi-auto. No real need to have one other than"I gotta have a 10mm". This piece will not be used for defense or hunting. Just for range time fun. Do not want to spend north of 800-$900. Two options I like are glock g20 gen4 and eaa tangfolio elite stock I. Have a g19 gen4 and love it. Also recently picked up a cz sp-01 in .40 cal and love it too. I do not care about the price difference between the two, or the cost of ammo. I would like a full sized pisol, which they both are. Should I be concerned about a polymer 10mm? What about jamming/feeding issues on the EAA? Or should I just forget the idea of a 10mm,since I have no real need for one other than that "itch"? Welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

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    The G-20 was purpose built for the 10mm, to be tested rigorously in military and LE trials. It should be fine. Mine is a Gen 3, and I love it. There have been zero indications that it will not continue to be durable, and I have never heard any such complaints.

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    I would be tempted to look at the G40 MOS if I had that itch.

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