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    I would like to start by saying this is my first post, and have got a lot of good information from this site. Thanks for having me in advance.

    Second, most people find they can manage most recoil with proper technique. My wife, who has little upper body strength is 5'8 and 120lbs, can consistantly produce 3 inch double taps at 7 yards with her fathers sig 220 .45. She can even shoot our 10 mm glock comfortably. Proper grip takes lots of practice, but can make all the difference in the world.

    With that said, I think 9mm is a great defensive round. I personnally can shoot it very fast and accurately and carry a glock 19.

    Find what feels right to you and run with it!

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    You asked for opinions so here's one.... Learn to shoot! Then decide which pistol is best for you. You're trying to decide, with specific features in mind which gun will fill your needs without knowing proper gun handling and use. I have clear preferences of caliber and guns that don't mean squat to you. so what i would do if i were you is:
    1) get training.
    2) try out as many guns as possible
    3) decide on a gun
    4) practice and get more training
    5) don't be afraid to change guns if you find something that is truly better.

    P.S. if you're anywhere near the Cincinnati area email me. I've got lots you could try.

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    Thanks everyone.

    In the end, it came down to a decision between the Taurus, H&K USP, Beretta, Ruger, CZ-75B, or FNP, all in 9mm. The Ruger and Beretta felt clunky, they didn't fit my hand as well as the Taurus or H&K. I didn't like the CZ-75B safety, and I couldn't find an FNP9. So it narrowed down to the Taurus and H&K. And as much as I liked the H&K, it was too expensive.

    So I picked up a Taurus 24/7 Pro 9mm in stainless over the weekend... put 100 rounds through it (50 Remington 115gr. FMJ, 50 Doubletap +p 115gr. JHP) at the range. At 7 yards, with moderately careful aim, I could reliably place 15 rounds through the target in an area which I can cover with my hand. That's accurate enough for defense, and I'm just a beginner - I'm getting instruction, and a case of ammo for practice. I like this gun - the grip is very comfortable, the controls are easy to operate and well positioned, and the recoil is minimal. It's easy to manage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody_special View Post

    So I picked up a Taurus 24/7 Pro 9mm in stainless over the weekend...
    ummmm.... pictures...? We really like pictures around here...
    "bing bang boom! hair out...hamburger time" - William Murderface

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    Here it is...

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    Enjoy the new weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolver View Post
    I know my opinion may upset those that like to get into 9mm vs. .45ACP arguments but the 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45ACP are all somewhat-anemic rounds. They all fill the same role as far as I'm concerned(which is to serve as an alternative when a proper defensive weapon is not available. ). Keep in mind these are PISTOLS we're talking about. Don't think you're gaining a huge advantage with one caliber over the other. Use what you are most comfortable with.

    As somewhat of a "beginner" I would recommend a 9mm Luger or .38 Special chambered pistol to become proficient. You can always get a different pistol later down the road.

    I'm not upset with your comments or opinions with respect to high caliber revolvers. It's just that I disagree.

    First of all, we are talking about handguns here, not the weapon of choice for close quarters self defense scenarios, a shotgun. I just add this because no handgun even comes close to the stopping power of a shotgun, in my view.

    Revolvers that pack more power than .40 or .45 pistols have some major drawbacks, again, in my view:

    1) the bullet is traveling so fast that even if it is hollow point, it may pass through the body of the intended target and strike unintended objects, including other people. I think this is one of the major reasons law enforcement agencies no longer use revolvers as a general rule.
    2) limited round capacity.
    3) heavy recoil making putting multiple shots on target more difficult.
    There is also the issue of weight since most if not all high powered revolvers are heavier than pistols. Perhaps only a concern if one is carrying concealed.

    For my money, the .45 round is the most effective "man stopper" in the pistol caliber range. It is a large bullet that when used with hollow points will tend to stay in the body of the intended target instead of exiting. Nonetheless, most law enforcement agencies choose the .40 cal guns because they are willing to sacrifice a little stopping power for more magazine capacity. Other agencies go with the 9mm round as it has even greater magazine capacity.

    There are reasons that nearly all law enforcement agencies have switched to the semi-automatic pistols from revolvers. They are valid reasons, I think.
    That is not to say that individuals whether LEO or not cannot be very effective with revolvers. If that is what you like, by all means go with it. But I don't think the rest of the shooting community is irrational when they opt to use pistols.

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